The progress with 3D modeling at LSC has continued, A new intern has begun working with the 3D printer, continuing from where Brandon left off, Seth Talcott is a Senior in the Visual Arts Department majoring in BFA animation and BA New Media Studies. He has begun a project that was given to him by Kelly, and is currently working to create a promotional Visual Arts Keychain and a character that is to be used for USB drive cases that we will use as prizes for the visual arts students, this is a great way to get the 3D printer working and to find out just what it can do! 
       Kelly and Seth contacted Bobby Farlice-Rubio, one of the educators working at the Fairbanks Museum and Planetarium In St.Johnsburry, and have worked out a partnership where we will be working together to create some amazing 3D models, we cannot wait to see what this partnership brings! 

Work will continue on the current project and from then on we will be working on new projects and gearing up to go visit area school to talk about 3D modeling as an emerging technology and talk about the Lyndon Experience 
This week we have finally decided on a test-tile design. We selected this robot from the files available to us on the Thingverse blog. This little robot measures 5 cm high. We will print one robot in each filament color that we have in stock. We will customize the torso with stickers that label the filament color and give it the Visual Arts brand.
On March 8, 2013 we presented our work to the Visual Arts Advisory Board. Brandon and Kelly introduced the grant project, progress made to date, and our objectives for this semester. Brandon gave 3D printing demonstrations to small groups of our board members. They shared a lot of enthusiasm for our project and enjoyed the opportunity to see 3D printing in action.

We all agree that 3D printing will have a tremendous impact on the design industry and there is a lot of potential for integrating this innovative technology into our curriculum at Lyndon State College.

The previous version of the file that we attempted to print last week encountered issues because of extraneous data that accidentally was included on hidden layers in the 3D file that were unhidden when converting to a compatible format for the 3D printer. Brandon has resolved this issue and we are now back on track. At present we are printing a 3" orange traffic cone with the Lyndon hornet stamped on its side.
"We Are Standing Here in the Future."
Professor Harry Mueller
We have decided to create "test tiles" in the form of traffic cones. The form with stack well and have volume without much mass. Brandon built the 3D model in Blender and is working out the best method to stamp out or deboss the Lyndon Hornet logo into the side of the cone. The first test print had some issues. We believe the top of the cone trailed off into stringy fibers because the cone did not meet the standards for minimum wall thickness. The raised edge of the hornet will need to be removed for a cleaner look. Brandon has revised the file but there are issues when creating slices for printing. We hope to have a new file ready to print this Friday. Check back then!
The Maker-Bot Replicator 2 arrived at Lyndon State College today, January 14, 2013. A gigantic box of ABS filament was also delivered. I am eager to set up the printer but I will wait for Brandon to return to school next week. I'll definitely post photos of that event!


    Kelly Glentz Brush - Associate Professor @ Lyndon State College, Vermont, USA


    January 2013